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Recently, Fujian Province, Fuzhou, was removed as the Temple Park zuiun contact the media , hoping to be concerned about their plight currently facing demolition .

Fujian is China's southeast province of Buddhism , cheap ugg boots Buddhist culture, heritage, historic , widely believers . According to local religious cadres introduced in the province of Chinese Buddhism as many as 14 national key temples , where Fuzhou 6 , and the incident had local Jinan District 3 . Zuiun temple demolition situation , we can say is the urban renewal process, many temples to be demolished , a microcosm , a reflection of including monks , religious cadres , developers, religious people and other parties , including confusion and confusion .

An event

Like Park zuiun Temple is located in Fuzhou , Jinan District, like Yuen , cheap uggs founded in 1896 , has so far been more than a century to worship the flesh enlightenment locals Ke cloud of dust Mami - later known as " Ke Wen Buddha" , is known far and wide . The temple covers an area of ??560 square meters , construction area of ??870 square meters , the size of the hall a total of 24 bays . Currently temple old resident of two nuns , a 70 -year-old abbot Participation Master Ming , another old Master has more than 80 senior citizens . Two elderly people daily chanting , meditation, while providing religious services for the lay faithful around . One day three years ago , zuiun transformation of the old temple of calm was broken roar , since then, two elderly began fear , fright uncertain " evicted " life.

About zuiun temple demolition area , cheap uggs Fuzhou, Jinan District wangzhuang ramshackle headquarters demolition work on July 11, 2013 to form a description of the material , this document has the following description :

According to July 11, 2013 license , Fuzhou, Jinan District Construction Investment Development Center expropriation law according to Fuzhou , Jinan District Real Estate Board wangzhuang street demolition Xu Rong Fang Zi ( 2010 ) No. 18 , " demolition permit ," like garden the street range of about 491.07 acres of land as the land wangzhuang ramshackle construction projects .

Wangzhuang rebuilding of the project is by far the largest estates in Fuzhou area of the project, but also for the tangible things the government project . Housing Project collection area of ??about 570,000 square meters , the collection of approximately 7000 households , population of about 3.5 cheap uggs million people. The project was implemented by the end of March 2010 the relocation , as the park is in addition zuiun Ke Ancestral Temple and outside have all signed agreements and relocation , local resettlement housing has been fully capped, is expected to start from the end of 2013 Resettlement .

Zuiun aspects of the demolition of the temple description of the event :

Zuiun monks : We have not seen a person do the demolition , cheap uggs outlet are Jinan District Office staff people were verbally let us move.

Zuiun monks who : do not have people we are talking about relocation relocation agreement , no demolition agreement how we move ?

From the 2010 film area began demolition, but according zuiun like Park resident monks and many Buddhist temple reflected the monastery has not received the relevant notice to be demolished . The case until the second half of 2012 , the abbot of the monastery was suddenly clear reference Master summoned to the meeting to inform its zuiun temple relocation plan and any relocation agreement is not reached , in zuiun built a new temple next door the " zuiun Temple" , claiming for the resettlement purposes. For the above relocation and resettlement plan , zuiun Temple aspect is very inconsistent , and has had many public complaints bureau to Fuzhou , uggs outlet Fujian Province, China , and Hall were delivered "on the Temple of Fuzhou elephant park zuiun unlawful demolitions complaint letter" , but did not to get any response. Complaint letter, zuiun Temple unilaterally expressed the contradiction:

" ...... The relevant departments and personnel abusing power , in flagrant violation of the" Fujian Urban Housing Demolition Management Regulations " ( September 29, 2002 announcement ) ," On the demolition of urban construction in churches, temples and other housing problems handling advice notice " (Guo Zong Fa [ 1993 ] No. 21) provides that without the temple officials and local villagers agree that the majority of hand orchestrated by the ethnic and religious affairs bureau XX Zheng , deputy director of Jinan District , manipulating arrangement like Park zuiun Temple resettlement work . their had many occasions to verbal ultimatum , blackmail , uggs outlet coercion and other ways to force the person in charge immediately agreed to the demolition of the temple , and had threatened : If you refuse to move, send personnel stationed in Jinan District Buddhist Association temple to rectify administrative intervention ; if after rectifying refused to cooperate with the relocation , will force the Senate to lift interpretation abbot identity ...... "

Judging from the wording of a letter of complaint , concerning the demolition of contradictions concentrated in a very unique among public complaints bureau where both zuiun Temple and Jinan District , and real estate developers or demolition party but figure blurred. Right now, two old " auspicious cloud Temple" next in less than 50 meters away from the stand , much of the potential of a genuine dispute , a local unique scene .

Government description of zuiun temple demolition events

Wangzhuang rebuilding of the project according to plan , in its red line should build a new elementary school, namely Fuzhou, Jinan second new uggs outlet Central Primary School ( hereinafter: the coming two small ) . Temple is located in the center like a garden zuiun coming two small land planning , housing construction area of ??852 square meters , house demolition implementation unit for the house demolition project in Fuzhou , Jinan District Office . Temple is due zuiun not move, could not have caused the primary schedule is completed, the school can not meet the needs of more than 7,000 households and surrounding residents to move back to their children .

About zuiun temple relocation issue , in full coordination with the planning department , confirmed that the situation can not be avoided , starting in April 2010 by uggs outlet wangzhuang ramshackle house demolition project implementation units as the main body , like Park Street , community , district work consultative working group composed of relevant staff groups , " four in one" person in charge of the temple with auspicious cloud interpretation ginseng and some believers be Master zuiun temple relocation compensation matters on communication and consultation , participation interpretation Master to zuiun temple , " Cohen Buddha" ( incarnate Buddha ) unwilling to shift grounds, has refused to negotiate , which lasted three years, we have repeatedly come negotiate earnestly and inviting city , District Ethnic and Religious Affairs , home to help coordinate several Buddhist Association , failed to reach consensus. During the Master recognized by reference Interpretation , house demolition units will be commissioned to implement a qualified assessment unit for zuiun temple relocation , statues remodeling costs assessed.

Temple is considered as the park zuiun special structures , uggs outlet in consultation with the participation Interpretation Master unsuccessful , we invite city and district public complaints bureau , Buddhist Association for guidance , supervision and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests under the premise zuiun Temple , according to Buddhist rituals , in the second half of 2012, nearly 6 million yuan invested in the design of new zuiun Temple site south of the temple , has been completed , the new temple area of ??1080 square meters , an increase of 228 square meters than the old temple area . New Temple in zuiun process, Interpretation reference to the new Master has repeatedly zuiun Temple View , and proposed amendments, such as: Cohen Buddha placement , location of doors and windows and other parts of the temple , the construction side too many times in accordance with their views modifications.

Zuiun monks from both parties uggs outlet and the demolition sector description of the event , it is difficult to restore the truth of the demolition of the event. So, zuiun temple demolition what happened ?