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On the electronic map , and Humin 1448 corresponds to the " Shanghai Kistler bonsai museum ." But last April 27 , where demolitions , built the estate.

Yesterday, a demolitions caused by the time called " the most expensive ever case of people suing government officials ," the lawsuit , in Changning court hearing, the plaintiff was " Shanghai Kistler bonsai museum " Master Liu Guangjia , to launch his demolitions the Minhang District government claims 289 million yuan coach outlet online .

After the demolitions million pieces missing collections

Yesterday morning, the son of Liu Wenhao Liu coach outlet online Guangjia sitting plaintiff gallery Gengzhuobozi breath cited a dozen demolitions day loss of valuables.

Course of the trial , angry coach outlet online , also was directed at the dock Minhang District government lawyer shouted , " Give me back my home stuff. Mediation is not the case ."

Triggered this lawsuit is a demolitions April 27, 2012 in .

According to Liu lawyers, morning 6:40 , claiming more than 10 visitors came to the hospital burly man , hooded shelves directly???a van , Liu 's wife , nanny and a few gardeners are was taken away .

In the afternoon, to escape the nanny phoned coach outlet online can wait to get home and found 34 Pan own ruins . Meanwhile disappeared , and father established the " Shanghai Kistler bonsai museum" , in thousands of square meters of this " museum ", the original display from his father 40 years scouring the country back on ten thousand collections , give all lost that day .

Liu Guangjia rough couple was taken to a room , trapped for 30 coach outlet online hours after a stranger to Liu Wenhao phone call , he will be back to their parents .

Executive compensation report no avail Government

According to Liu later learned , this is the Minhang District government demolitions organizer , Liu proposed administrative applications for compensation , October 25, 2012 , Minhang District government to make "non- executive compensation decision," Liu Guangjia couple will tell the government court.

Liu made ??a total of 20 claims , except to confirm that violent acts of illegal demolitions , also requested the court to order the defendant to compensate collections , property loss coach outlet online 210 million yuan , the defendant was ordered to pay 078 million yuan museum reconstruction fees .

Yesterday afternoon, the plaintiffs' lawyers and the museum is controlled demolitions of violence to the court a statement Liu Guangjia couple holding loss of evidence . One group of video evidence to show that the demolition of suspected commanding officers at the scene carve collections .

Minhang District, Housing Authority , said the defense has coach outlet online recorded the demolition of live video , "there is no violent demolition ." His lawyer also said that the demolitions have a legal basis does not violate statutory procedures.

Today , the case will continue to trial.


The official video was recorded live under demolitions " spoils "

"These things I have ."

"Good little bracelet head ( bracelet ) have? "

"There's something kind of jade , you can take it?"

" Bill is being taken away to the police station , coach factory online but we handled it was a small safe ...... "

Video, often shaking his demolition workers moving goods figure, someone shouted , "These things I have ." Someone shouted : " ! Count you a "

" I do not know if you clean up the light yet ? Else would we be overhauled ran trouble ."

This is the reporter from the plaintiff 's son Liu Wenhao hands coach factory outlet get a video , this is provided by the government to court notary Minhang video , the camera sweeps the coach outlet store museums, wall paintings, wall detour Kistler bonsai beautiful, but voice and video synchronization issue as dialogue.

Yesterday 8:00 , Changning court at the door , waiting for the hearing of his son 's coach outlet that this video is from April 27 last year after his father's museum demolitions , the father 's attorney requested a few times just to get from San Francisco court , "was a demolitions site Minhang District government submitted notarized video ." Although the length of the video is only 10 minutes , but " they divide up the sound of my house naked or something surprising ."